CrystalView Xtreme Nano Anti-Fog Cloth For Glasses and Visors

CrystalView Xtreme Nano Anti-Fog Treatment eliminates fogging on glasses, goggles and visors, delivering the perfect clear vision solution when wearing a mask, as well as in humid summers and cold winters. Tested by frontline health care workers, this treatment is a must-have for anyone in the medical profession that wears glasses ̶ nurses, doctors, technicians and dentists ̶ not to mention those engaged in winter sport play!

Special Features: • Nano Titanium Dioxide formula
• Eliminates fogging on glasses, goggles and visors
• Tested by frontline health workers
• Works on glass, plastic and polycarbonate surfaces
• Use year-round, indoors and outdoors
• Easy to use ̶ just wipe on and go
• Reusable cloth ̶ up to 600 uses or 6 months
• All-natural formula developed in Germany

Specifications: • Material: Microfiber
• Coating: Nano TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Formula

Package Contents: • 1 Microfiber Cloth


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