DoorJammer™ Portable Security Aid



Product Information:

DoorJammer is the award-winning and police accredited portable door security device that prevents unwanted entry, fast.

Its patented steel design works on almost any inswinging door, even without a lock or handle and installs simply by turning the screw.

So light and compact it fits in your bag or pocket, DoorJammer goes anywhere with you, making it a traveller's best friend.

Now you'll always be able to guarantee privacy and feel safer when staying away overnight. DoorJammer is even great for keeping doors closed or open while at home.

Height: 4.25"
Width: 1.57"
Depth: 2.76"
Weight: 210g
Space required under door: 1/8"


Plush Carry Bag
Foot Accessory
Instruction Manual

How To Use

DoorJammer is a go-anywhere, no-hassle door barricades that don't need a fitting tool or any door modification.

Installation is quick and easy - just slide DoorJammer firmly under and against the door below where the handle is or would be.

Next, just turn the screw clockwise until firm - no need to overtighten - and installation is complete.

To remove, loosen the screw and pull the handle up and away. DoorJammer's quick-release function is even easier - simply pull the handle up and away.

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