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The Pacsafe ViralOff Face Mask treated with Polygiene® ViralOff® will hold 99% fewer viruses in 2 hours. Think of it as sanitizing gel for your mask. Made in Korea. Material: Knitted polyester spandex

Not intended for medical applications.

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  • 2 in 1:
    1. Antimicrobial
    Pacsafe offers two types of Antimicrobial technologies – ViralOff and Silver iON
    2. Barrier
    The mask itself offers a barrier to prevent droplets from spreading through sneezing and coughing.
  • Stretchable fabric for snug fit
  • Resuable & Sustainable - saves water and energy by requiring less washing witih Polygiene technology.
  • Antimicrobial - Using ViralOff® Polygiene® technology

    Anti-splash - With water repellant fabric
    Sustainable - Saves water and energy by requiring less washing with Polygiene® Technology
    Barrier against droplets - Helps against droplets from coughs and sneezes
    Comfortable Breathing with 3D fit - Stretchable fabric for snug fit and easy breathing
    Removes unpleasant odors - Breaks down unpleasant odors using Polygiene® Odor Crunch Technology



Knitted polyester spandex


0.02 lb / 0.01 kg



(H x W x D): 5.4 x 8.3 x 0.1 in / 13.7 x 21 x 0.2 cm

Disclaimer: The Mask has not been certified by any third party, and has not been certified for clinical environments (such as hospitals, medical clinics, etc.). Wearing the mask is not guaranteed to provide full protection against or fully remove risk of infection, as infection depends on many factors both known and unknown, including without limitation, fit, use, environment, and duration.

How To Wash

Hand wash in cold water

Do not Iron

Dry flat in shade

Do not bleach