Travelon Luggage Scale w/Tape Measure



The Stop and Lock Luggage Scale allows for a simple affordable solution to eliminating pre-trip packing guesswork and hefty overweight luggage fees. This easy to use luggage scale has a patented stop and lock feature. Two hands for tracking the weight of the bag and the second-hand stops and locks the weight so you can set the suitcase down to read the dial. . It also includes a tape measure to ensure bags are not oversized. Take it with you on your trip to ensure you don't tip the scales on your way back.


• Save on overweight or oversize baggage fees

• Compact and portable scale weighs luggage up to 75lbs

• Use tape measure to check overall dimensions


Size: 4" x 3" x 1.5"
Material: Plastic & Metal
Weight (lbs): 0.98

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